What we are doing to combat COVID-19

CBD Physio is complying with all Ministry of Health and Physiotherapy Board guidelines in order to make the clinic a safe environment for both our patients and staff. We want our patients to feel comfortable attending the clinic and have implemented a number of measures to ensure this is the case. If you have any concerns, or would like further clarification on any of the following information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Screening for COVID-19 symptoms prior to appointments

We are screening all patients for any possible COVID-19 symptoms prior to their appointment. If the patient, or anybody they have been in contact with, is showing any possible COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild, they will not be allowed to attend. If a patient develops any symptoms in the time between booking and attending their appointment, they must call to cancel their appointment and seek medical advice. Patients are also being re-screened on entry to the clinic, and will be asked to leave if they report any symptoms.

Our software and booking system allows us to keep track of who attended the clinic and when, allowing effective contact tracing if required. Please ensure that if any of your personal details have changed, you let us know so we can get in contact with you if required. We are not allowing any walk-in appointments at present, and have signage on the door advising people to contact us via email or phone before entering the clinic.

We do caution those of you who are over 70 or immunocompromised that the recommendation from our Physiotherapy Board is to have a telehealth appointment rather than face-to-face whilst at Level 2.

Physical distancing in reception and waiting areas

We have rearranged our reception and waiting area to ensure at least 1 metre physical distancing for all patients. Our gym, which is currently not in use, is also available as a waiting area during busier times. We have a screen installed at reception which we ask all patients to stand behind, to ensure adequate distance between them and our reception staff. We are encouraging all patients to attend by themselves, and if they require a guardian, to minimise this to one person only. Guardians will also need to be screened for COVID-19 before attending the appointment.

Staggering of appointment times

We have changed appointment times so that some now start on the hour or half hour, while others start at quarter past or quarter to hour. These measures minimise the amount of people in the waiting area and at reception at any one time, and also allow our reception staff adequate time to sanitise the clinic between each patient.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Current Ministry of Health and Physiotherapy Board guidelines state that physiotherapists are required to wear face masks during face-to-face appointments. If you do not want to wear a face mask during treatment we can offer you a Telehealth appointment. 

Compulsory hand sanitising on entry and exit to the clinic

All patients are required to sanitise their hands on entering and exiting the clinic. Hand sanitiser is available at the door and also in all treatment rooms should patients require it at any other time.

Thorough cleaning of rooms between each client

All treatment beds have had their linen removed to allow for more effective cleaning between each patient. All surfaces which have been touched/used during the course of the appointment, including door handles, chairs, desk surfaces and treatment beds are thoroughly wiped down after each appointment with hospital-grade disinfectant. We ask that patients do not place their personal belongings such as phones, keys and wallets on any surfaces. If any linen is required, this is single use only. We ask that patients bring their own shorts to their appointment.

Regular cleaning of the clinic

All high-touch surfaces in the clinic are wiped down regularly with hospital-grade disinfectant, including the door handles, chairs, desk surfaces and Eftpos machine.

Contactless reception

We are not accepting any cash payments at present, and are utilising PayWave where possible. If a patient does not have PayWave on their card, we ask that they sanitise their hands prior to using the Eftpos machine. We are also wiping the Eftpos machine down after each use.

Consent forms and injury details for ACC are now filled in via an online form, which is sent and returned through email. This means clipboards and pens do not need to be used adding to a contactless reception process recommended at Level 2.

Health and Wellbeing

The COVID-19 outbreak has emphasised the importance of health and wellness, now more than ever. At CBD Physio, we are committed to maintaining a healthy, happy and friendly environment for both our patients and staff, and look forward to welcoming our patients back to the clinic again.

See you soon!
The CBD Physio Team